Dave and Linda 10/2014

Lorraine was excellent. It took a long time (just over a year) to sell the two homes but we always felt that she was doing everything possible to find the right buyers.

Michael and Susan 12/2005

Excellent! Lorraine is great. She treated us like we were her only clients. I know that is not the case.

Brent and Susie 12/2006

She is the ONLY reason I am living in the perfect home for my family. She was a bulldog to get us what we needed. Lorraine has a great heart. Not only did she do busines with us, she really cared for our family.

Scott and Kim 12/2007

Lorraine goes over & above! A-#1. She was a great communicator through the whole process. We could recommend Lorraine to anyone we know, buying or selling. She is truly a great person & agent. She was with us every step of the way (and she is cute too!)

Peter 6/2008

Lorraine is excellent, really, above & beyond the call of duty. Lorraine Hoving is a treasure. She was extremely helpful and a pleasure to deal with. She was both professional and friendly. I could not have hoped for a better facilitator than Lorraine.

Brad and Heather 6/2008

Wonderful! We miss seeing her everyday. She spent So much time with us, making sure we found the perfect home for our family. She took time to welcome us to Washington and she listens! Oh my, does she listen! Mrs. Hoving found us the perfect home because she hears what we wanted. Very easy home-buying experience.

Randy and Carin 9/2008

Lorraine Hoving of Whatcom County has more honesty, integrity and personability than any other Real Estate Agent we have ever worked with. We were truly impressed with her ability to help us from beginning to end without ever allowing her own self-interest to become involved. She is the only Real Estate Agent we have ever dealt with that did not allow her own needs or self-interest to take over at some point in the transaction.

Roger 8/2008

Lorraine Hoving went far beyond the call of duty. She was so helpful in helping us find the home we needed & we feel not only did we find a wonderful Realtor, but a new friend too.

Bruce & Cindie Tobiason 7/2009

Lorraine says that she wants to be our "realtor for life". This is definitely the case for us.

Billie & Noreen Burns 8/2009

Lorraine sets the bar pretty high. I hope the rest of your staff and keep up. Excellent customer service is the key. We felt like part of her family. You go Lorraine!

Spiro and Gail 2/20/10

Very timely, updates, realtor was extremely accommodating to our schedule. We relocated from out of state. Our realtor also greatly assisted us in closing as we were still living out of state as well as driving here. She was also very helpful in recommending a bank which we took care of while still living out of state.

Jeffy and Jennifer Munkres 4/2010

Excellent! We were kept well informed throughout the entire home buying process. We felt our agent was supportive and offered sound advice. Lorraine is top notch when it comes to customer service!

Jeremy and Andrea Bouwman 5/2010

Lorraine is excellent and amazing. She was awesome about working with our schedules and meeting us at nights and on Saturdays. Thank you Lorraine!

Candice 7/2010

The service I received was excellent. My realtor, Lorraine Hoving, was always reachable, knowledgeable and anxious to be of assistance. I will recommend her to anyone that I meet with real estate needs.

Jason and Amy 10/2010

Lorraine Hoving is wonderful to work with. I trust her as someone looking out for our best interests and she's not here to get a quick sale for herself. We laughed, cried and prayed together through this process. I love her as a friend and would highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling a house.

TR and Pat 5/2011

Outstanding! Lorraine Hoving has helped us for a few years and has always been ready to aid us when we were in town or in Texas. She is an unlimited source of vital information and always treated us like family. Our move to WA from TX was made so much easier through Lorraine's help. She was always ready to show us anything, anywhere, anytime which was immensely appreciated. From start to finish we knew we could count on Lorraine.

Tony and Leanne Cohen 9/20/12

Lorraine is the best! She does a good job listening to what we want and is very helpful throughout the entire process. She has been our realtor for the last 3 homes.

Carl and Jeannie Gavin 1/20/13

I loved that Lorraine filtered through messages from the sellers and their agent. We had so much on our plate and didn't need all of the petty stuff. She is a great realtor, now family friend.

Candice Grene 6/20/14

Worked with Lorraine in the past. She is an ultra positive, can do person.

Delores 9/20/14

Loved working with Lorraine Hoving. She was a joy and did not pressure us at all. At the end she was amazing in helping us get our home!!!

Ed & Michel 03/2015

You ARE a true professional. You have the ability to interact with people on a human level and make them feel at ease.

Justin and Heather 4/2015

Excellent! Lorraine is always so kind and helpful. Based on the short sale process and how frustrating it can be, I think Lorraine handled everything great.

Ed and Mike 5/2015

We received excellent service from Lorraine. Far beyond what we expected. Lorraine was personable, knowledgeable, extremely helpful. She made us feel at ease throughout the process, as if no one else mattered to her. Lorraine has outstanding people skills. She explained each step thoroughly, detailed our options and the consequences, and worked hard to get us the very best deal possible. We were thankful that she was our realtor.

Grant and Megan

Working with Lorraine was great. Trying to cover things in three separate locations - Lynden, Canada (for work) and the family back in Omaha was tough but Lorraine made it easy. Thanks Lorraine! We love the new place and our new home.

Outstanding!! 8/2015

Lorraine went above & beyond our expectations. She helped us prepare the house for sale & kept us informed throughout the entire process. I would request Lorraine again and would refer her as I did once already.

Tony and Leann 9/2015

Amazing for the 4th time. Clone Lorraine Hoving and have her service Arizona now.

Jeff and Sue 11/2015

Lorraine Hoving is amazing! Lorraine, over the past 10 years, has delivered pies, fireworks and other goodies. She kept us on her mailing and emails lists. Every time I saw her I felt like she genuinely cared for our family. I am so happy we finally made the move and could use Lorraine.

Brian and Katie 11/2015

Lorraine is the best Realtor that we have ever had. She was prompt, returned calls, made great suggestions about changes we could make to sell our house and she connected us to awesome buyers. Lorraine exceeded our expectations. She became our friend and truly cared for our family.

Justin and Heather 3/2016

Lorraine Hoving is a wonderful agent. She is so thoughtful and truly cares about your needs. We have used Lorraine before and she was awesome during our transaction.

Chet and Tracy 8/2016

We had a marvelous experience with Lorraine buying a residential property. We started with a long-distance inquiry and she was more than accommodating with responding to all our questions and requests with surprising speed. She ably guided us through the evaluation process, always making herself available at any time for our (sometimes very quick) requests for property viewing. She showed expansive knowledge of all the areas we examined and was quick to pull in information from her network of contacts for areas in which she wanted to give us even more detailed information on property. During the negotiation process she gave us frank and useful information that was primarily responsible for us being able to submit a winning bid for the property we selected in addition to the amazing amount of information and assistance provided. Lorraine became more than a realtor to us; she became a trusted and friend to our family. She was highly compassionate to our needs and effusive with her kindness and generous spirit to our children. We would whole-heartedly and unreservedly recommend Lorraine for anyone's purchase or sale of property. We loved working with Lorraine from beginning to end and are sure that anyone will have the same experience.

Candice 8/2016

I move a lot, buy/sell a lot and it is obvious to me that most Realtors do not. It is intense and stressful with mortgage lending/underwriting's new constraints it is a wonder there is a housing market at all. Lorraine is hands on and I have known her for years.

Kee Dee 8/2016

Lorraine was professional, courteous and friendly. Her warm, caring personality made me feel less stressed about selling. She kept us apprised of each situation.

Dave and Linda 8/2016

Lorraine Hoving has given us excellent service both in selling property and in purchasing the acreage on Drayton Harbor Road. We consider her our friend as well as our Agent.

Devoted and Helpful

The service we received was informative and very helpful. As first time home buyers, Lorraine provided provided us with answers to all of our questions about things we had not yet known about. :) Lorraine is consistent and good at communicating. She does her job well overall. At this point, I would just say to keep doing what you're doing! Lorraine is devoted to her clients. She drove in the snow and ice, just to walk through more snow & ice to show us a listing we really wanted to see!

John & Lynn 11/2017

Excellent! Right from the first meeting Lorraine kept us informed with what to expect and what we needed to do to sell our home. We liked the professional photos that were taken. We purchased our home through Lorraine, and then sold it with Lorraine. Having experienced both ends of a home deal we are pleased with the authentic, open communication. We have passed her info to our neighbor.

Meg 9/2017

Love working with Lorraine Hoving! She is very attentive and sensitive to what a buyer is looking for.

Billie and Noreen 12/2017

Lorraine is the best, awesome, excellent!